The plant gets its name from Timothy Hanson, who promoted the grass in the 1700s as a pasture grass. Timothy Hay and Orchard Hay is an excellent choice for guinea pigs. Shop for Wilko Small Animal Timothy Hay 1kg at wilko - where we offer a range of home and leisure goods at great prices. Each timothy hay bale weighs a measured 20kg, is compressed to a small easily handled size and costs £8.39 with a total pallet price of £251.70 plus shipping to an area, within the UK, listed in the delivery tab above. 50/50 Hay Box (215) Hay Box. Highly recommended. A full horse timothy hay pallet contains 40 bales. A UK Sourced hay ideal for all herbivorous small animals, Pillow Wad Timothy Hay has a super high-fibre content, helping to aid digestion. Regular price £0.00. Hay is harvested and stored in our barns up on pallets. They require an unlimited amount of either hay as a staple of their diet. Packaging is recyclable. Small Pet Select delivers the freshest timothy hay, as well as food, bedding, snacks, and more for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, and other small animals. Why Us. Timothy Hay is easier to get and provides the optimal balance of nutritions ranging from fiber, protein, and calcium for guinea pigs. Easy to store in a breathable sack or box. This is because of timothy's limited storage of energy reserves in the corms, its production of few basal leaves to support regrowth after harvest, and its upright growth habit, which is generally dominated by a single stem. Timothy hay (Phleum pretense) is a common animal fodder which is found in all states. They include plant extracts and scientifically synthesized ingredients to promote optimal … The plant is adapted to numerous climates and performs well in even cold, northern regions. Recommended by veterinarians,Our Timothy grass hay is excellent for your pet's teeth and digestive tract. Timothy hay is appropriate for all classes of horses, including young, growing horses. The timothy hay are derived from suitable sources that have been proven scientifically as nutritious and beneficial. 99 ($0.14/Ounce) $14.17 $14.17 The high fiber content found in timothy hay helps maintain normal digestive health. 1st cutting Timothy hay is a high fiber hay. Convenient pack size for small animals. What is Timothy grass? 80% of your guinea pig’s diet should be good quality Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay or a mixture of both. Buy timothy hay and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! A sample pack of the 3 types of hay is also available. The wide collection of timothy hay ensures that all shoppers find different products of their preferred choices. It is the ideal long-strand fiber source for keeping small animal digestive tracts functioning properly. 2nd cutting Timothy hay is what bunny enthusiasts consider the gold standard when it comes to hay. The heads (inflorescence) of timothy hay are usually 3-6 inches long and are densely packed with spikelets that flower when mature. The grass is native to Europe, temperate Asia and North Africa. With high quality nutrition and a fresh fragrance that's irresistible to small herbivores. It has a super high-fibre content and it helps to keep ever growing teeth in check by encouraging natural chewing, the course storks of the hay helps to achieve this in a nutritious and palatable feed. Sizes: 15 oz, 40 oz, 90 oz, 9 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items High quality Horse hay. Easy to store and great value for money, choose Nibble & Gnaw - the perfect hay for your rabbit or guinea pig. … It gets its name from the first farmer to promote it for hay, Timothy Hanson The hay never gets wet … You are sure to find the ones proper for your own animals or for reselling in your business. Old Manor haylage is available in 20kg bags and we can deliver either half pallet or full pallet quantities throughout the UK. Apart from being used as hay it also produces a durable and attractive lawn. Grass hay, packed with fibre and vitamin C as well as lots of other vitamins and minerals, is the most important part of your guinea pig’s diet. Grass hay differs from legumes in that it is composed of long, hollow stems that grow up to 60 inches tall with leaves that can grow up to 17 inches. Sweet Meadow Timothy Hay (2nd Cut) A sweet-tasting, soft in texture, rich in fiber hay, suited for everyday feeding of small animals and birds. Harvested on our own 300 acre farm. It is suitable for many small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, degus and guinea pigs. A healthy, happy rabbit requires unlimited, quality, fresh hay. Timothy Hay Box (892) Hay Box. Timothy hay is rich in long fibre and its abrasive texture helps to grind down the teeth, keeping both the teeth and jaw in good order. Timothy was first found in America in 1711 by one Jonathan Herd in New Hampshire, but the species was also known to exist in England Timothy is a valuable grass for hay, since it dries well and provides winter food for livestock. £17.45. Taster Pack (46) Hay Box. Western Timothy is the #1 vet-recommended hay for small herbivores. Each bale has been carefully grown and packed in … Whether your furry friend needs an oat hay, a legume hay (like alfalfa) or a grass hay (like Timothy or orchard), you’re guaranteed to receive a product that’s the freshest you can find anywhere. Vitakraft Timothy Hay - Premium Sweet Grass Hay - 100% American Grown, 28 Ounce Resealable Bag 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,585 $3.99 $ 3 . Delivery available throughout the UK At Old Manor Farm, we produce several types of haylage from either Ryegrass, Timothy grass or Lucerne. JediCardTrick. Harvested fresh from our family of farms Timothy grass care is minimal in most regions. Our Timothy hay is dust extracted and UK sourced. Our speciality is top quality Ings Hay - from traditionally managed water meadows where no chemical fertilizer or sprays are applied. It is easily weakened by frequent cutting or grazing. £14.95. It's described as timothy hay which I regularly read is the best hay for piggies yet what I am buying looks nothing like the haybox timothy or varieties I see in pictures. Owned and operated by the same family for 5 generations. Our Ultra Premium Timothy Hay is the perfect nutritional blend of protein, fibre, and crude sugars for rabbits and small animals. A friendly team happy to help. Buy on Amazon. Selective Timothy Hay comes from the first cut of the year, fresh from the fields. It isn’t as fattening as other cuts, has more flowery heads, and it’s perfect for small animals that need to lose a little weight or those with GI issues. American and UK grown timothy too. A dust extracted mix, Pillow Wad Timothy Hay also helps to keep every growing teeth in check by encouraging natural chewing, as it contains course storks of the hay. Small Pet Select Timothy Hay is a premium-quality timothy hay prepared in small batches by fellow animal… Timothy hay, on the other hand, is a grass hay. £9.95. This is the very best hay! Through consultation with an equine nutritionist, horse owners can determine how best to include timothy into the diets of horses. Timothy hay should be … Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is an all-natural hay made with nutritious, sweet-smelling grass. Meadow Hay Box (283) Hay Box. HAYPIGS 100% First Cut Timothy Hay Guinea Pig Food Premium 1kg Hay Bale in Eco Bag - Hay for Rabbits and Hay for Guinea Pigs - Feeding Hay for Chinchilla Food and Degu Food £8.99 £ 8 . Hi everyone, I am a bit perplexed about the timothy hay I am trying / buying here in Austria. Timothy is a hay-type forage grass, with relatively few basal leaves below the cutting height. It’s harvested from carefully chosen Timothy grass that produces the largest, tastiest seed heads and is one of the best hays to feed rabbits. It’s essential this food source is readily available for them to eat at ALL times. the Essex skipper ( Thymelicus lineola ) and the marbled white ( Melanargia galathea ). Growing timothy hay … Quick and efficient next day delivery. 4x4 round bales of Timothy Orchard Grass mixture that weigh 500lbs. Some caterpillars use it as a food plant, e.g. We also offer Timothy & Rye Hay, Meadow Hay, and Straw in a choice of weights to suit most small animal keepers. Product Highlights. Oxbow’s all-natural Western Timothy Hay is a nutritious, sweet-smelling grass that will stimulate the appetite of your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, or other small pet. It is a cool season perennial grass with rapid growth. Timothy grass is generally used as hay to feed horses and that’s why is it also called Timothy hay.

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