Senior Lecturer at Harper Adams University, Jim Waterson, explains how to identify Field Maple (Acer campestre). Leaves turn a deep golden red in autumn. They are for the most part large garden trees, typically ranging from 6m-10m after 10-20 years. It can grow to a considerable height (20 metres). Native British tree. The Field Maple (Acer campestre) tree is a small deciduous tree which grows well in most areas particulary lime rich soils and shady areas. Acer campestre is a deciduous Tree growing to 15 m (49ft 3in) at a fast rate. Donovan was the lead grower of the William Caldwell Nursery in the Knutsford area of Cheshire, England. It has a very wide ecological range and a natural distribution covering most of Europe. Field Maple Bonsai Tree Care. An easy to maintain and resilient hedge plant, Field Maple hedge is an excellent choice whether planted as a single species or combined with other native hedge plants. It is to be found in the rich / chalky soils of the southern half of the U.K but is frequently planted. Field Maple Tree is a domiciliary care agency. Other nicknames for these winged seeds … British native deciduous tree to 10-15m with small palmate green leaves turning bright yellow in autumn. You’ll also be treated to the winged seeds that fall like little helicopters and gently float their way to the ground. We believe everyone’s contribution is valued, so all have tasks and responsibilities in the house and the Community, but also whilst working hard everyone still has lots of fun together. Our ho Autumn 2020 Order now for delivery from w/c 30th November (pot grown) or December onwards (for bare-root). The Field Maple location is home to 16 adults with varying support needs, who live in 3 houses. “The UK’s only native maple, it is found growing in woods, scrub and hedgerows, and on chalk lowland. Acer campestre seedlings available for planting now. It provides a service to adults with learning disabilities and autism. Full sun to partial shade. The planting season for bare-rooted trees and shrubs is generally between the months of November – March. At the time of our inspection the service was supporting 20 people. The timber is of good quality for cabinetry, turnery and carving, but the tree only rarely reaches a feasible dimension for such use. Indoor bonsai, outdoor bonsai, bonsai tool Field maples have very hard and dense timber and are used to make musical instruments including violins and harps. It is hardy to zone (UK) 4 and is not frost tender. English Field Maple | Buy before midday and receive next working day delivery for most UK addresses at Herons Bonsai. The Field maple is a relatively small tree, often found in hedgerows and woodland edges. Grows to about 20 feet. This service provides care and support to people living in four ‘supported living’ settings. Its leaves turn a rich, golden-yellow in the autumn, but for the rest of the year, it is quite inconspicuous. The species is monoecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant) and is pollinated by Insects. Find help & information on Acer campestre field maple from the RHS. It grows slowly after the first few years, and takes 50 or so to reach maturity; this can be a good point in a garden! They're good hedge plants and lay easily, standing out in a hedgerow in the autumn when, as you would expect from an Acer, their leaves put on a lovely show. Field Maple is a medium-sized deciduous tree. Suits all but very sandy or permanently wet soils. Inc. VAT; Exc. As Bonsai. The tree likes Sun to half-shade at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy. Produces short trunk and spreading crown. Field Maple (Acer Campestre) hedging plants are the only UK native maple. Often overlooked in comparison to the more well-known native trees. Field Maple plants are fast growing, at a rate of 30-60cm per year and are easy to maintain at 1m-5m height - while they can reach up to 20 metres height at full maturity. Excellent as hedging or as a garden tree. The Field Maple is botanically called Acer campestre . It is the only native maple found growing in Scotland. It prefers a good, moist well-drained soil but not acid soils below a pH of 6. Growth is quite course. Small tree or shrub commonly found in woodlands and hedges. The crown pear drop shape is retained throughout maturity allowing for new exciting options of urban and commercial planting. Folklore surrounding the field maple includes hanging branches around doorways in parts of Europe, to prevent bats entering and passing maple branches over children to remove traces of witchcraft in medieval times. Visit our site for more advice. It produces large, winged seeds that are dispersed by the wind in the autumn. Field maple is a versatile and resilient fast growing small to medium sized tree that is also suitable for hedgerow planting. FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland only) Large Order Discount Orders over £1000 may have further discounts added by contacting us or calling 0800 043 1057 . Field maple leaves in autumn are a clear, warm golden-yellow. The small leaves are of typical maple shape, though more rounded than some in the Acer family. Field Maple will reach about 15-25 metres if it grows freely as a tree. A small, native british tree which can grow in full sun or partial shade so its often found at the edge of woodland and in hedgerows. Deciduous tree. This cultivar of Field Maple was cloned from a seedling which was first discovered by Donovan Caldwell Leaman in 1976. Field Maple can be trained to provide a dense hedge, great for cover for birds, and as a tree can be trained into architectural styles, such as umbrella or pleached tree avenues. Field maple is a small, deciduous tree which can be up to 25 m tall, but often reaches only 10-15 m in height or remains as a shrub when coppiced. Field maple is more a tree of hedgerows, rather than a true woodland tree. The Field Maple, Latin name Acer Campestre, originating from Europe and parts of Asia, is the only maple tree that is native to the UK.Throughout British countryside, the Hedge Maple, as it is also known, can often be found in fields and hedgerows.In the winter season we also have Acer Campestre available in bare root form. The plants on this page are young saplings, ideal for planting as hedging or in woodland projects. Good hedgerow tree. Field Maple trees for sale. Field Maple. It is in flower from May to June, and the seeds ripen from September to October. Find help & information on Acer campestre field maple from the RHS ... common maple dog oak hedge maple maser tree master tree see more; ... H6 - Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe (-20 to -15) H7 - Hardy in the severest European continental climates ( -20) H6. Container plants. Order Acer campestre saplings for fast UK delivery. It is a colourful species; the attractive five lobed leaves are flushed red in Spring, turning green and then yellow / gold in the Autumn. The term was coined based on the way the seeds spiral through the air as they fall from the tree. Looking to buy a Field Maple Tree? It is found mainly on lime-rich soils in woodland, often as an understory to the oak, or in scrub and hedges. ACER CAMPESTRE - Field Maple Characteristics Field maple is a medium-sized native tree with a bushy, rounded head which can grow 15m (50ft) tall in good conditions though often stays smaller. Some species are native to the UK, and most originate from Europe or North America. This tree was bred to retain all the qualities of the native Field Maple but consistently providing a uniformed, upright canopy with a dominate central leader. It has bright green leaves with red tinges in summer and fantastic stunning yellow colours in autumn.Very good for area of the garden that need some autumn colours. Maple trees are easy to grow and are suitable in most soils and situations. Our Field Maple is a native deciduous hedge that is dense, hardy and known to work well in nearly all conditions. The small leaves are of typical maple shape, though more rounded than some in the Acer family. The autumn colour is a striking butter-yellow, and is one of the best from trees native to the British Isles. The leaves are a luscious green-red colour which fade to a rich golden yellow before falling in the autumn. Common name: Field Maple tree Great for: Spring to autumn interest, UK native planting, pollinators Awards: RHS Award of Garden Merit Height and spread in 20 years: 7 x 4 metres Foliage: Lobed green leaves turn buttery yellow in autumn Soil: Prefers a moist yet free-draining site but tolerates most soil types Position: Full to partial sun Common in hedgerows. How to choose Maple trees. Acer Campestre Field Maple Tree AKA Common Elder, Common Maple, Dog Oak, Master Tree and Hedge Maple. Field Maple (Acer campestre) Field Maple is a medium sized but fast growing tree, often found in hedgerows and mixed woodland (we include Field Maple in our mixed native woodland collections.) ACER CAMPESTRE FASTIGIATA - Upright Field Maple Characteristics This upright form can grow 10m (30ft) tall in good conditions though often stays smaller. He selected and cultivated this tree for its unusual, fastigiate form and red autumn colours when planted on acidic soils. Field Maple trees or hedging -Acer Campestre is a deciduous British native tree particularly valued for the wildlife it supports, its small size (seldom over 18 metres tall) and fantastic brilliant yellow autumn foliage colour.Withstands air pollution, traditionally it was often managed as under wood game cover. Field Maple is a deciduous, compact tree growing up to a height of 15-25m and is native to the UK and Europe. A native, British tree, the Field Maple (Acer campestre) is a medium sized tree, frequently used in hedges. Field maple supports at least 26 species of insect and makes an important contribution to biodiversity and their leaf canopy helps to combat climate change and cool the streets in hot weather. Distinguished by its … ... Acer campestre - Field Maple quantity. In the UK you can find four different trees which produce ‘helicopter seeds’: field maple, ash, sycamore, and Norway maple. Field Maple is native to much of Europe, north to southern Scotland, Denmark, Poland and Belarus, and also south west Asia from Turkey to the Caucasus, and north Africa in the Atlas Mountains. The bark is deeply fissured. Field Maple good points/ bad points: Probably best used as a hedging plant as it clips well. It grows happily in an open sunny position or in semi-shade. Native to the UK The leaves are lobed and the flowers are yellow. Fully Hardy. Deciduous. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 3 - 20 m (9 - 66 ft) high. Field Maple wildlife rating: Field Maple is a good host species for mosses and lichens. Tree Feathered. The Field Maple makes a good specimen tree with attractive autumn colours, and is easy to grow. Acer campestre, our native Field Maple, is a medium sized tree that boasts many clones to suit differing aspects.The seedling tree has a spreading but rounded crown and rough bark whereas clones such as Lienco and Elegant produce stiffly ascending branches that make them for suitable for urban locations where space is at a premium.

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